How do I get help from you?
You can log onto our website at 18 Month Loans and fill in the application form that has been provided for your benefit in the 'Apply Now' page.

What amount can I get?
You can get the required amount decided by our lenders depending on your emergency requirement and also your repaying ability.

Is it mandatory to pledge any collateral?
No. We arrange a collateral-free loan for you though you do not possess any assets.

How long will it take for the processing to get over?
It is not at all a time-consuming process. As soon as you forward the application to us, we, at 18 Month Loans will arrange with our lenders that your loan amount will reach you in a few hours of time.

When can I get in touch with you?
You can contact us any time, 24/7, as our expert team operates round the clock on all the days of the week.

Is there any requirement for faxing of my credentials in order to get the same day fast loans?
Not necessarily. We will see that our lenders oblige without any paper work and it is our prime duty to explain to them your urgency.

I have rated with a low credit profile. Will I stand a chance of getting the same day fast loan?
Take it easy. We do not insist on a credit check. However our lender may question you. But we take the responsibility of negotiating with the lenders on your behalf.

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